Business Mentoring and Consultancy Services

Dal ati: keep going (Welsh)


If you've been looking for help with your business and it's proved elusive, perhaps I can help. Whether it's dealing with problems created by growth or plummeting sales, work or board colleagues, or just unforeseen circumstances, a second opinion can be just what you need to build a sense of perspective. 

I provide a confidential and supportive business mentoring service for business leaders, based around my seventeen years' experience as a CEO, and many years before that in senior corporate positions. And if you're in a tech or voluntary sector organisation please get in touch, because those are my specialities.

I recently introduced "Pitch Perfect", my funding pitch review service. Don't blow your one chance to impress your prospective funders before ensuring your pitch is as good as it can be!


My hair went white as a result of years of working in these areas


Web, SEO, Automation, Video, Near Field Communications, Optical and Wireless Communications, pico- and femto Basestations, VR pioneer, Silicon MEMs, Liquid Crystals, Shape Memory Effect Alloys, over 20 separate patents.


Voluntary Sector

Digital for Good: Online Fundraising and Strategies; Crowd- and Match Funding, Gamification; HNWI, Trust, Corporate and Government Grants; Impact Reporting, Governance. 



Creative Client Agency, Online and Print Publishing, Animation Development, Film and TV Script Development.

Need Help Or Advice?

Not sure what next for your business? Trying to get more traction? Looking for investors? 
Writing a proposal but English isn't your strong point?
Need marketing help? SEO Advice?

I can probably help with any of these sorts of problems, and many more...

Business Advice

I've led startups, drummed up funding from international investors, dealt with countless technical, staffing and sales problems. Perhaps I can help you too?

Voluntary Sector

Sound governance and a solid sustainable model are essential for your success as a non-profit. Need advice? (Discounted rates for eligible organisations.)

Web Technology

Need a beautiful website in a hurry? Or maybe some help with social media campaigns, advertising, SEO?
Please get in touch - no harm in asking!


With over 24 patents as sole or co-inventor, and a host of papers, an h-index of 18, and i10-index of 21, innovation is what I do. If it's what you do too, let's talk. 

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